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Japanese Nodachi Sword

A Newbie's Overview of Forging One's Personal Japanese Nodachi Sword


The Nodachi was carried by foot soldiers and was designed as a weapon for war versus cavalry and receptive field engagements. Nodachi were generally used on open battle fields as their length made their usage indoors or close-quarters difficult. They certainly were an effective weapon against cavalry, though they were not commonly employed. Nodachi were seldom used for several reasons:

The blade has been Challenging to forge than your normal-sized Sword

The nodachi required greater strength to correctly wield

During times of peace the sword was worn slung throughout the rear as a sign of status. This is identifying as most Japanese swords like the katana, wakizashi, and tachi were worn at the belt or waist; yet it had not been "drawn" from the back. The Nodachi was more difficult to wield owing to the abnormal dimensions and burden, but like some other weapon, could possibly be extremely deadly if the warrior breathed it was skilled. The size of the blade made the nodachi a grisly weapon when wielded with a skilled warrior. Its cutting edge capability and scope exceeded that of a katana, because of its weight and size. Legend says the nodachi could cleave a warrior and his horse two with one blow.

The point of Nodachi

The purpose of Nodachi can be categorized as follows:

A) As an offering into some Shrine or Gods. Some Nodachi were dedicated with prayer to get a war, others were put in Shrines as legendary swords from mythology.

B) As a weapon.

From explanations in older texts, such as for example "Heike-monogatari, Taihei-ki" tell us Odachi were used by soldiers during conflicts.

C) As a symbol for a military.

Some Nodachi are too long for practical usage. They cannot be utilised in a conflict nonetheless it's said they has been used as a symbol of a military, like flags and spears. Further research is needed to verify this concept.

D) As a trend within a certain period. Some swords were used for ceremonies.

E) To demonstrate the swordsmith's skill.

The Creation of Nodachi

Nodachi are rather difficult to make. The requirements to Get a good Nodachi are as follows:

A) A large amount of steel is needed to create a Nodachi and it takes longer to produce than a normal sword. However to make a good Nodachi it is crucial to hammer the steel fast. This involves great skill from the swordsmith. Check out our site for effective information on Crow Survival right now.

B) A Nodachi is created with teamwork. Perfect teamwork must make a good one.

C) More skill is necessary in quenching and tempering a Nodachi than a normal sword.

D) Special facilities must be required. As an example the quenching tank has to be bigger than that useful for normal swords.

E) The method of polishing is different. Odachi have to be hung from the ceiling or put in a static position to be glistening, unlike ordinary swords which are transferred over the polishing stone.

How to use Nodachi

Nodachi which were used as weapons were overly long for Samurai to transport in their waists like normal swords. There are just two methods where Odachi might be carried. 1 method was to carry it in your back. This was faked nevertheless, because it was hopeless for the Samurai carrying the swords to draw it quickly. The other way was to carry the Nodachi by hand. The trend through the Muromachi age was to the Samurai carrying the Nodachi to really have a follower to allow him to draw it.

Nodachi sword play styles centered on backpacks and various wields to that of blades.